Sunday, 20 May 2018

Feature: Darragh Chaplin

Darragh Chaplin comes from a musical family, since an early age he's played the drums and picked up a guitar for the first time aged 14 but has always been singing. Darragh's performed at many open mic's locally and is also making his way onto many a festival line up this year...

1. How have you found the process for you first release - was it all that you expected? 
It's been really fun! I did the whole thing in my bedroom on my own so it's been quite enjoyable for me to just sit behind a microphone and a laptop and just work away in my own little world on it, so I've enjoyed that part! And obviously I love songwriting so I've enjoyed working with these songs and turning them from just acoustic guitar and voice into something a bit larger. 

2. What inspired this release?
Well before this release I only had one song up on Spotify and iTunes so I thought I definitely need some more stuff up there for people to listen to. Also, I'm awful with keeping to my own deadlines so it was definitely a good way of pushing on with my music and making something I'm proud of! 

3. Which song is your favourite from your EP 'Comfort' and why?
Hmm, I'm not sure, all of them mean something different to me, but I would probably say 'Comfort'. It was the first song I recorded for the EP and the most recently written one so it's still fresh and the lyrics are quite meaningful and relevant for me, but obviously I do still like the other ones!!

4. Where do you hope to be musically in two years time?
Well, I mean I wouldn't turn down the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury but I would like to have released an album and hopefully tour it, or be in the process of making an album and planning a tour! 

5. If you could perform anywhere, where would you choose and why?
One festival that I've always wanted to play at is Barn On The Farm! It's quite a small festival but it just seems like a really nice atmosphere and they have some of my favourite musicians playing, so for me it would be great to be featured on that lineup. In terms of venues though, Hammersmith Apollo has got to be up there; I recently saw my favourite band Bon Iver there and it was such a beautiful venue, and definitely holds a special meaning for me now, so hopefully one day I'll be able to stand on that stage and play my music! 

'Comfort' EP Review:
The title track 'Comfort' opens the EP beautifully, with it's stunning guitar melody. This smooth song will transport you into relaxation, as every part of it simply falls into place. With it's relatable lyrics, swelling dynamics and gentle melody, it will get caught in your head. 'In That Light' rings true to Darragh's style, with clear influences from Jason Mraz and Ben Howard shining through. The complicated guitar truly flatters his soft, yet striking vocals. Instantly you know 'Too Young To Grow' is the track that's going to stand out from the rest with it's more haunting double tracked vocals. It leaves you with chills as it lifts you up and down throughout the structure of the track. Subtle harmonies and gentle riffs surround you throughout, making it a memorable experience. 'Untitled' rounds off the EP nicely, showing Lewis Watson inspired vocal melodies, his vocals cradle your ears with it's raw brilliance. Delicate but well conducted musical support lifts the song in all the right places. Overall, this EP will leave you nostalgic in a trance with Darragh's charming vocals and skilled songwriting.

See Darragh Live:
26th May: Gardenstock Festival 2018
27th May: Spice Of Life, London

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Friday, 2 March 2018

Spotlight: Glen Hansard

Irish musician Glen Hansard slides back into our musical hearts with his third solo album 'Between Two Shores' that was released 19th January with Anti Records. Well known for his acting performances in ‘The Commitments’ & ‘Once’, which won him multiple awards, including Academy Award for Best Songs. 

'Between Two Shores' Album Review:
'Roll On Slow' - This kicks the album off with a steady beat & hook that gives you a glimpse into the pleasure that is yet to come. He teases you more with a sensational brass and keys section, alongside a trip music video, you know this man is back and he means business. 'Why Woman' - This track takes you down into a mellow stroll through memory lane with classic Glen Hansard lyric and melodic writing. This track could melt butter it’s so smooth, it’s a perfect wind down song after the brilliant build up from the start. 'Wheels On Fire' - Straight away this punchy track set the tune, with a more poppy feel to it, a perfect contrast of staccato keys and drums contrasted with Glen’s melodically versatile, creamy voice of pure genius. 'Reckless Heart' - The vulnerability of this track brings you back down to earth and just makes you sit, listen and truly appreciate his talent. 'Moving On' - The guitar on this track couldn’t be any closer to orgasmic even if it tried, his anger oozes out of his vocals, but calming keys behind create the perfect ambiance. One of my personal favourites purely for the passion that blankets over this track. 'Setting Forth' - Similarly to track two, this rings pure Glen Hansard style. The lyrics fall off his tongue and the piano cradles them in this truly uplifting, moving song. 'Lucky Man' - He treats us to more brass and slides back in with steady piano and vocals. A well structured track with a chorus that makes love to your musical soul. 'One Of Us Must Lose' - This track resonates within you and mirrors the pure brilliance and beauty of this album. This is one of the only two songs that have vocal harmonies, which follows you through and haunts you, leaving a trace on your heart. 'Your Hearts Not In It' - Such brilliance lays in the simple guitar of this track. It strips back the whole album bringing you to the horizon of the end. Throughout, you can feel this track is building in dynamics, layers and passion. It does not disappoint, harmonies kick in giving a communal choral feel. 'Time Will Be The Healer' - When the opening line is the track title, you know it’s going to be a clear, pure narrative. This whole album has been teaching us life lessons of highs and lows along the way, but this one is the relaxing exhale of the album. You can’t help but reflect when listening to his sultry voice and steady guitar and soft drums. It sets off the tone perfectly for the end of the album, leaving you relaxed in music heaven. 

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Reviewed by Charlie.

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Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Feature: Annabel Allum

Indie singer/songwriter Annabel Allum smashes into 2018 with her new single 'Beat The Birds' and it's one to look out for. She's shared stages with Beth Ditto, Nadine Shah, and Blaenavon, performed at The Great Escape, Live At Leeds and SXSW and is amongst our list of 'ones to watch'. As well as a big hype around her music, she is also making waves in the fashion industry; with endorsements from Bastian Classics and Cheap Monday, while now releasing her personally designed merch (that is gender-free! Woo!)

1. 2018 sees your new single 'Beat The Birds', what other plans do you have for this year?
More music, more shows, more projects, more risks. 

2. What was it like getting to film your awesome music video with Context Films?
Awesome yeah. They're great friends of mine and I love working with them.

3. You recently toured with Beth Ditto, where was your favourite place that you performed?
Probably Warsaw. Concerts that size aren't regular out there so everyone was happy and grateful to be there.

4. If you could support any artist in the world, who would you choose and why?
Dead? Janis Joplin- no doubt. Listening to her voice every night would've been mental and I think we'd have had a right laugh. Alive...Uh, I dunno. Probably another female boss like PJ or Patti Smith, we'd have a lot to talk about.

5. If you could have one super power what would it be?
Adoptive muscle memory or teleportation. 

'Beat The Birds' Review:
‘Beat the Birds’ starts with Annabels’ gritty vocals setting the tone, letting you know that this is going to be a power song. Behind her vocals, the dirty guitar oozes feedback preparing you for it all to kick in, letting you know this song means business. Annabel shows off her ability with a melodic chorus that lifts you up, making you want more. The bridge has an ambient feel that covers you in layers before slowly cradling you back into the earth with the chorus again. She teases with the bridge again, but smoothly transports you into a bigger, louder chorus that finishes off this track. ‘Beat the Birds’ is a well structured, very powerful track that shows you what Annabel is all about whilst showcasing her individual musical talent evolution.

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Reviewed and interviewed by Charlie
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Friday, 23 February 2018

Check It Out #38

1. Wait For The Rain - Rae Morris
Blackpool born songstress, Rae Morris, is back with her second album 'Someone Out There'. She's supporting the album release with a UK tour, and has been releasing videos alongside some of the tracks. Here's one of our favourites, 'Wait For The Rain', which is a fantastic hybrid of electronic and Rae's classic melodic vocals that show off her versatility. 

2. Follow The Leader - George The Poet, Maverick Sabre & Jorja Smith
This trio come together to collaborate their new release, which is currently charting #5 on the UK's Viral Chart. This is a great single that deserves it's recognition with it's steady beat and it's solos from each artist, combined with sweet harmonies contrasted with the raw video. 

3. If The Car Beside You Moves Ahead - James Blake
Londoner James Blake hits us with a brand new song, just before setting off for his tour of Europe with Kendrick Lamar. This trance like song immerses you into Jame's musical genius. Trippy riffs that skip over the melodical keys and vocals that ooze all over the track. 

4. One Of Us Will Lose - Glen Hansard
Irish musician Glen Hansard slides back into our musical hearts with his third solo album 'Between Two Shores' that was released 19th January. Here's one of our favourites, 'One Of Us Will Lose' which is a beautiful representation for the rest of the album. A truly uplifting and inspiring song that resonates within you.

5. Strangers - Sigrid
21 year old Norwegian pop sensation Sigrid drops her popular single 'Strangers' which eludes power and pure talent, that clearly everyone is falling for. Her quickly rising fame is fairly granted with this upbeat, catchy single that shows off her versatility of range and melodic genius. 

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Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Spotlight: The Fratellis

Three piece Glaswegian band are back with a taster from their forthcoming fifth studio album ‘In Your Own Sweet Time’ released by Cooking Vinyl (16th March). Known for big hits such as, ‘Whistle For The Choir’ & ‘Chelsea Dagger’, Barry, Jon, & Mince Fratelli return with a new album and a UK tour…

'Starcrossed Losers' Review:
‘Starcrossed Losers’ instantly sets the tone with an upbeat, poppy drum and bass line before the simple and catchy guitar punches in with a repetitive hook. The melodic vocal line kicks in and you can tell straight away that the vocals drive this single. It’s a smooth but uplifting transition into the chorus which is will structured and has a vocal riff that is sure to get stuck in your head on repeat.
The bridge of this track feels like you’re taking a sneak peak from another angle, with ambient strings supporting you, before they trill making you feel like you’re falling into the chorus, fully immersed by the layers. ‘Starcrossed Losers’ is a well structured, upbeat track that clearly shows The Fratellis evolution and their versatility. This track will help you lose yourself whilst getting caught in the melodic hooks.

See The Fratellis Live (2018):
8th March: Banquet New Slang (9pm, in-store)
16th March: HMV Glasgow (5.30pm, in-store)
22nd March: Liverpool Olympia
23rd March: Manchester Academy
24th March: London O2 Forum, Kentish Town
26th March: Nottingham, Rock City
27th March: Birmingham, O2 Institute
29th March: Bristol, O2 Academy
30th March: Newcastle, O2 Academy
31st March: Glasgow, Barrowland Ballroom
30th June: Grassington Festival, Grassington
1st July: Texfest, Market Hayborough
10th August: 'Summer Nights' Kelvingrove Park, Glasgow
9th September: Eklecitca Festival, Isle Of Wight

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'In Your Own Street Time' (iTunes Pre-Order):

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Friday, 26 January 2018

Spotlight: Turin Brakes

London 4-piece, Turin Brakes, are back with their eighth studio album, 'Invisible Storm'; being released through Cooking Vinyl on January 26th (2018). After seven albums and a million records sold worldwide, Olly Knights, Gale Paridjanian, Rob Allum and Eddie Myer have had quite a career so far. You may recognise them for their UK top five hit, 'Painkiller'? Turin Brakes also head out on a UK tour in March, so be sure to catch them at a venue near you... 

'Invisible Storm' Album Review:
'Invisible Storm' is a well rounded great album. One thing Turin Brakes have always done, is stay true to their sound, and this release is no exception. The album opens with a galactic intro on 'Would You Be Mine', a cocktail of shimmering synths, golden vocals and their trademark steady guitar, bass and drum combo. 'Wait' follows as a more acoustic track, still just as catchy and upbeat as the previous. A song that sums up the album would be 'Always', it's folky, upbeat and has synths running throughout - a running theme through the core of the 11 tracks. 'Deep Sea Diver' is a highlight for me, a wonderful country song, comprised beautiful guitar and warm vocals. As the album goes on, there are a few more slower folk/country songs and a couple of upbeat songs reminiscent of the 90s. Closing with 'Don't Know Much', the latest single, accompanied by a trippy video that brings the song to life. This album has a nostalgic feel to it and I'm a big fan of what Turin Brakes have created. 

See Turin Brakes Live:
8th March: The Apex, Bury St Edmunds
9th March: Leadmill, Sheffield
10th March: O2 ABC, Glasgow
11th March: Tyne Theatre, Newcastle
14th March: St Georges, Bristol
15th March: Palladium, London
16th March: Town Hall, Birmingham
17th March: Rescue Rooms, Nottingham
21st March: Cathedral, Manchester
22nd March: The Stables, Milton Keyes
23rd March: Trashed, Cardiff
24th March: O2 Academy, Oxford
28th March: City Varieties, Leeds
29th March: Phoenix, Exeter
30th March: Concorde 2, Brighton
31st March: Wedgwood Rooms, Portsmouth

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Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Feature: Ferris & Sylvester

Ferris & Sylvester are London based alternative Americana duo, Issy Ferris and Archie Sylvester. They met as solo musicians battling through London's vibrant music scene and started writing together. In early 2016, the pair recorded their first record 'The Yellow Line EP' and are now getting ready to release their forthcoming EP 'Made In Streatham', set for release 2nd Feb (2018). 

1. What process did you go through creating 'The Room' and how much did it differ to your previous release?
We had a lot of fun creating The Room as part of our EP, Made In Streatham. The whole record was written and recorded in our South London flat; we kitted out our kitchen/living room with insulation, recording equipment, all the instruments we needed - including a full drum kit - and a bunch of great musicians. Not sure if we’re too popular with our neighbours now sadly! The Room represents such a defining moment in time for us, so it was only right to record it our way with our favourite people. Our last EP had a very different journey. We were incredibly honoured to create our first ever record with the legendary producer, Martin ‘Youth’ Glover in his recording studio looking out over Sierra Nevada… quite different to looking out over Streatham Hill’s train tracks from our homemade studio. Despite both being very different, both were centred around long days with seriously talented musicians and engineers. We feel we got so much out of both journeys and are very proud of both records.

2. Who influences you musically and what inspires you lyrically?
We are both constantly listening to music to inspire us and we consider it a really important part of songwriting. We listen to a really broad range of artists and genres from Fleetwood Mac’s hooky lyrics to D’angelo’s irresistible funk to Django Reinhardt’s gypsy jazz guitar. Lyrically, we love the poets; Dylan, Joni, Johnny, Simon & Garfunkel. We love listening to albums, which sadly grow less and less popular in modern day music. However, we have found some true gems like Flyte’s album ‘The Loved Ones’ and Laura Marling’s ‘Semper Femina’. What inspires us most is listening to new music that we haven’t heard before, no matter the genre, giving us new ideas to play with. 

3. With your forthcoming EP 'Made In Streatham' looming, what track are you most excited for people to hear?
We are so excited for the new year because it means people can hear our favourite track off the EP, ‘Sometimes’. We are so proud of this one and feel it’s the most important song of the lot. We talk about togetherness when everything else seems unclear, which couldn’t feel anymore relevant. We’re also so excited for people to sit down and listen to the whole EP as one!

4. You recently played a three-week residency at The Spiritual Bar in Camden, but where in the world would be your dream venture to play a residency?

We love playing at Spiritual Bar. It’s where we met and where we developed the band, so it’s a very special place for us. It’s hard to think of any place where we would feel more at home! Although, we would love to go somewhere new with a great music scene like New Orleans and find a new stomping ground… any suggestions?

5. Would you rather only drink chocolate milkshakes for the rest of your life, or only eat pizza (for the rest of your life)?
PIZZAAAAA! All day, everyday. 

'The Room' Review:
'The Room' is my definition of a perfect folk song. It's a steady track with a brilliant harmonica intro, building into vocals that compliment each other wonderfully. Ferris & Sylvester effortlessly combine a classic 60s/70s sound with a warm modern indie vibe. I'm really looking forward to hearing the rest of their EP 'Made In Streatham'!

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